CBK Tampa - Debbie Mastronardi

Debbie Mastronardi

Debbie Mastronardi is the Director of Finance at CBK Catering & Events where she handles all of the human resources and accounting responsibilities for the company.

Debbie is a graduate of the University of Illinois where she pursued a degree in Business Administration. Throughout her college years, she sought opportunities that aligned with her interests in travel and hospitality. Debbie worked with the University’s dining service as well as front-of-house for one of the largest boutique hotels in the area. Both positions provided her the foundation for the industry that she would later pursue.

Less than five years after graduation, Debbie collaborated with Kathy Mayer to open their own travel agency in Tampa, Florida. This successful partnership yielded years of company growth. In addition to unmatched customer service, Debbie was responsible for managing the financials, mitigating risk to the business, and cultivating vendor relationships among other duties.

Opportunity then presented itself in the Chicago market for Debbie to step into a Controller role where her business acumen was leveraged in the skilled trades industry. After nearly 30 years, Debbie pursued the opportunity to reunite with her former business partner, Kathy Mayer.
Debbie, motivated by the established success and mission of CBK, wanted to be involved to further their growth opportunities. Similar to the travel agency, Debbie believed in their quality product and in the meticulous service that they offered. The combination of CBK’s financial success coupled with the group’s camaraderie is what Debbie loves about being part of this winning team.